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How to Unlock Bootloader on Xiaomi Mi A2 / Mi A2 Lite?

by Hamza ZafarAugust 15, 2018

So, you have got your new Xiaomi Mi A2 or Mi A2 Lite smartphone? This amazing Android One device runs on Googles vanilla Android OS which provide faster updates and support. But if you are not comfortable with the OS version or want another custom ROM then you can try flashing the desired one. You first have to unlock the bootloader for the device. In this article we have explained the whole method on how to unlock bootloader on Xiaomi Mi A2 / Mi A2 Lite smartphone and enable yourself to modify system.

Pros and Cons of Unlocking Bootloader

If you have unlocked the bootloader, you will be able to install custom ROMs, stock firmware flashing and other system modifications. It has downsides because you are compromising the security such that it can be tampered with easily and the warranty of the device will be void.

Note: If you damage or brick your device we are not responsible for that so proceed on your own risk and strictly follow the guide.

How to Unlock Bootloader on Xiaomi Mi A2 / Mi A2 Lite?

Below are two methods you can follow and unlock the bootloader on your device. First one is official method and requires confirmation. Second method is unofficial method. You do not have to get confirmation and unlock the bootloader using ADB tool.

Method 1: Official Method to Unlock Bootloader

This is official method to unlock the bootloader for the Mi A2 or Mi A2 Lite. You first have to get the permission and then install the Mi Flash Unlock Tool and unlock the bootloader.

Note: Unlocking the bootloader may erase your data so backup your data before proceeding.
  • Enable USB Debugging mode on Xiaomi Mi A2 or A2 Lite. To do this go to Settings > About > System Information > More and tap on Build Number repeatedly so that the Developer mode will turn on.
  • Now go back and click on Developer options.
  • In Developer options you will see OEM Unlock option, enable that option.
  • After that go to MIUI unlock website and click on Unlock Now.
  • The website will ask for Sign in.
  • After Sign in, fill the form and click on Apply now.
  • You will be asked to enter your phone number and OTP to verify your phone number.
  • Now wait for this message to appear. “Application has been successfully submitted, please be patience review”.
  • You will get a confirmation message.
Note: It can take more than a few days for the confirmation message to arrive.
  • After receiving the message that you are eligible to unlock the bootloader, download and install Mi Flash Unlock Tool on your PC.
  • Now click on AGREE and Sign in with your MI Account. Connect your device via the original cable. Install Xiaomi USB drivers from here, if you are having problem connecting your phone.
  • After this hold down the Power + Volume Down button at the same time. Your phone will boot into the Fastboot mode.
  • Tap on UNLOCK after the application shows the Xiaomi Mi A2 or A2 Lite. If you are asked, click on Unlock Anyway and proceed.
  • Wait until Mi Flash Unlock Tool says Unlocked Successfully.
  • You have successfully unlocked the bootloader on the Xiaomi Mi A2 or A2 Lite.

Method 2: Unofficial Method to Unlock Bootloader

This is another method on how to unlock bootloader on Xiaomi Mi A2 / Mi A2 Lite. If you cannot wait for the message of confirmation to unlock the bootloader, try this method which is fast and does not require any confirmation to unlock.

Note: This is an unofficial method, you should backup your data and have enough battery power left in mobile.
  • Enable USB Debugging mode. To do this go to Settings > About Phone and tap on Build Number repeatedly so that the Developer mode will turn on.
  • Now go back to settings and go to Developer Options and enable the USB Debugging mode.
  • Download and Install ADB and fastboot drivers on your PC.
  • In Developer Options also enable OEM Unlock option. It will be needed while flashing the image file.
Note: If you doing this first time then please go through the whole guide at least once so you can don’t get confused. Also, strictly follow the guide.
  • Go to C:\adb folder where you have copied the ADB/Fastboot files.
  • Open Command prompt (cmd) in the folder. You can do this by opening folder which you have extracted and pressing Shift + Mouse Right Click and clicking on Open command window here.
  • Now connect your phone with PC.
  • In case you are experiencing problem in connecting your device with PC, Install Xiaomi Mi A2 / Mi A2 Lite USB drivers on your computer.
  • Make sure that your phone is detected. For this use the following command.
adb devices
  • This command will return the device ID.
  • After ensuring that, boot into the Bootloader/FastBoot mode through this command.
adb reboot bootloader
  • Now write this command and unlock the bootloader for Xiaomi Mi A2/Mi A2 Lite.
fastboot oem unlock
  • You will get a warning on your device screen when you will execute the command.
  • But select the Unlock the Bootloader and press power button to confirm.
  • Your mobile will reboot and you have done unlocking the bootloader.

These two are the main methods you can use and unlock the bootloader for your Xiaomi device. If you have any query you can ask in comments.



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