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Change Region of Huawei Honor 4C | Tips and Tricks

by Khurram FarooqSeptember 17, 2016

Changing vendor info allows you to flash updates of that country. It’s easy to change region of Huawei Honor 4C. You should make backup before changing vendor information of Huawei Honor 4C.

Note: UptoAndroid will not be held responsible for any damage to the device during the process. Proceed at your own risk.


This is some really risky stuff. If anything goes wrong you’ll end up with a bricked device. I have personally tested this and have successfully changed my region. Nothing will go wrong if you carefully follow the instructions!

Change Honor 4C Region

  1. Download and fulfill “Prerequisites” before you begin.
  2. Open engineering mode by dialing *#*#2846579#*#*.
  3. Go to Network Information > Country/Vendor Info
  4. Below is the list of some vendors
    1. hw/spcseas – Malaysia
    2. unicomelectric/cn – China
    3. hw/meafnaf – Pakistan
    4. mts/by – Belarus
  5. Open root explorer gives it root access and go to /data/
  6. Search for custom.bin file open it with text editor. Clear the existing vendor info and add vendor info you want to change in. (like if you want to change from Malaysia to Bearus clear hw/spcseas and replace it with mts/by). Save file and close it
  7. Now long press custom.bin select Permissions and make sure it’s set to rw-rw-rw. If not check the boxes under Read and Write and make sure no box under Execute is checked.
  8. Extract the downloaded *.zip or *.rar file you downloaded earlier.
  9. Copy it in device and paste it in /dev/block/platform/hi_mci.0/by-name/ using root explorer.
  10. You don’t need to delete existing oeminfo file just replace that with new file.
  11. Now most important step makes sure to set its permissions to rwx-rwx-rwx.
  12. Reboot your device.
  13. That’s it now to check if vendor’s info is change enter in Engineering mode again check it.
  14. Now download the latest ROM of vendor you switched and flash it using guide Here.
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