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Extract Huawei UPDATE.APP File | Tips and Tricks

by Khurram FarooqSeptember 17, 2016

Huawei UPDATE.APP file consist all files like recovery.img, boot.img, userdata.img, system.img you can easily extract file and get access to these file and then you can manually flash them using ADB. Extracting Huawei file is easy just follow below steps carefully.

Note: UptoAndroid will not be held responsible for any damage to the device during the process. Proceed at your own risk.


Extract Huawei UPDATE.APP

  1. Download Latest version of Huawei Update Extractor link given above under “Prerequisites”. You can download setup as well as zip file of the Extractor download any. Install or unzip extractor.
  2. Launch HuaweiUpdateExtracter.exe
  3. Make sure Profile is set to Unknown (Worstenbrood).
  4. Open Extract tab and locate and select UPDATE.APP file you want to extract.
  5. Hold control and select all the images you want to extract like (recovery.img, boot.img, userdata.img, system.img, etc).
  6. Right click on any selected image and click on Extract Selected.
  7. Browse location where you want to extract these images.
  8. That’s it.
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