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How to Check Bootloader Status Whether Locked or Unlocked

by Khurram FarooqMarch 1, 2017

Bootloader in any device is a code that executes at very first when the device is turn on. It contains the instructions to load operating system kernel to boot up the device. Bootloader status can be locked or unlocked.

Today almost all of the android manufacturers provide their smartphones with locked bootloader for security purposes. To install a custom ROM or rooting a device you must first unlock the bootloader.  Bootloader status sometimes tell the integrity of a device like for companies like Samsung and Huawei unlocking bootloader may void the warranty and your device will not be trusted anymore.

For some devices relocking a bootloader is possible so if you want to send your device back to the company for any particular issue and you don’t know whether the bootloader is locked or unlocked you can perform following methods to confirm it.

Check Status of Bootloader Whether Locked or Unlocked

Below are the two methods to check if the bootloader is locked or unlocked you can perform any of the operation to check the status of the bootloader. These methods will work for any android device or android version.

Method 1

If you’re able to boot your device properly then you should go for this as it’s the easiest and simplest method to check the status of bootloader.

Step 1: Open phones dialer

Step 2: Now dial the following code,


Step 3: It will automatically open a new window. Now navigate to Service Info >> Configuration, and see if there is:

Bootloader unlock allowed - Yes << this means that your Bootloader is Locked

Bootloader Unlocked - Yes << this means that your bootloader is unlocked

 Note: If dialing the code doesn’t open anything please use “Method 2”.

Method 2 :

Step 1: Download and install your device drivers in your PC.

Step 2: Download and install adb & fastboot package for your device. (You can install adb & fastboot system wide by following this method)

Step 3: Boot your device in “fastboot” mode and connect it with your PC.

Step 4: Now open the folder where your adb & fastboot package is extracted, press Shift key on your keyboard and right click in the folder and select “Open command prompt here“.

Step 5: To check whether the device is connected properly enter following command in Command prompt window and press enter.

fastboot devices

Step 6: If it doesn’t show any device try reinstalling device drivers or check whether cable is connected properly or not and try again.

Step 7: If your device is shown in list then enter the following command to check bootloader status.

fastboot oem device-info

For locked devices it’ll show “<bootloader> device unlocked: false”.

If you face any error please do mention it in comments. Enjoy!

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