CHOETECH T520 QI Fast Wireless Charger Review: How Well It Charge?

by Adeel YounasDecember 22, 2018

This article is about CHOETECH T520 QI Fast Charge Wireless Charger Stand which will charge your Qi Compatible Smartphone in minimum possible time. It has dual coils that mean it doesn’t restrict you to put your smartphone in portrait mode. You can charge your phone on the horizontal position as well. It is providing up to 10W of quick charge power for phones with Qi Wireless compatible technology. Even though we are Pro Android users and don’t write about iPhones, but if you own any iPhone this wireless charge work for that as well.

The stand provides 5W charging for older wireless charging compatible devices that include devices from Samsung, Nokia, and Nexus. CHOETECH is a manufacturing company that produces high-quality smartphone accessories, not just Wireless Charges but also Cases, Hubs, Cables and Bluetooth Speakers for phones.

CHOETECH T520 QI Fast Wireless Charger Review

T520 can charge your smartphone while you can enjoy watching movies but putting your phone on it in the horizontal position. Learn how great it is in this review:


It has an impressive curved-edge design that is anti-slip, so you won’t have to worry about protection of your smartphone. I’ve not used many Wireless chargers, but the design and cool impression it provides is pretty impressive in such a price range. It can hold your smartphone in portrait mode and horizontal and looks excellent. It is small enough that when you put a large screen size phone on it, the T520 will hide behind it. By looking at the bottom of the charger, you can see an LED light that glows and provides two color lighting. The blue shows that Charger is ready to charge and the light turns green when you put any (wireless charging compatible) smartphone on it which is single of “Charging Begins.”

CHOETECH T520 QI Fast Wireless Charger Review Design

The wireless charging connection is possible up to 5mm, which means the T520 should work without you needing to remove your phone case. It has USB 2.0 port on the backside to plugin cable and connects it to Qi 2.0 or 3.0 compatible charge for fast charging.


Talking about performance it took 90mins to charge Samsung Galaxy S8+ to 80% with Qi 2.0 Charger, that is quite impressive with Qi 3.0 the charging time could be reduced further. It provides excellent use if you have to go somewhere and don’t have enough time while you don’t prefer cables plugging stuff.

CHOETECH T520 QI Fast Wireless Charger Review Performance

I’ve also tested it with Galaxy S7 (10W Compatible Phone) and Galaxy S6 Edge (5W Compatible Phone). I had maybe a few extra minutes charging time compared to Galaxy S8+ while charging S7, but it took longer with Galaxy S6. It is still better for over-night charging without having the hassle of plugging the cables for 5W charging compatible devices.

The safe charging feature of T520 protects the smartphone is never charged when overheated and keep it safe from overvoltage and short circuits.

Compatible Devices

T520 QI Fast Wireless Charger has three charging power standards that can target new and older phones

10W Fast Charge 7.5W Fast Charge 5W Standard Charge
Samsung Galaxy Note 5/8/9

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+/S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7/8/9 & S8+/S9+


iPhone X

iPhone 8

iPhone 8+


Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Nexus 7; 2nd Gen

Nexus 4/5/6

Nokia 8

Nokia Lumia 950xl/950/920/1020/928

HTC 8x/Droid DNA/Rzound

Huawei Mate 10


Note: Fast wireless charging requires a Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 adapter (not included). Additionally, fast charging will not work if connected to your computer’s power source or a Samsung S9/9+ OEM AC adapter.

CHOETECH T520 QI Fast Wireless Charger Review


CHOETECH T520 cost only USD 21 that is pretty reasonable when you think of the features it provides. And if you want to make any phone Wireless charging compatible get Wireless Charging Qi Receiver by paying USD 10.59.



I’ve not used many wireless chargers, but T520 has an impressive design that I have it in my bedroom and charge my phone every night without having to find the cable and plugging it in my phone. It is perfect for your office desk it can hold still your phone while you are working. T520 is an ideal choice, and it is not expensive, I’d recommend you have one.

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