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5 Best Call Blocker Apps for Android Devices | Featured

5 Best Call Blocker Apps for Android Devices | Featured

by Khurram FarooqJune 29, 2016

Mobile networks provide many features, connectivity and offers but with these benefits there is also a disadvantages like sales calls that we get via fake number of if someone tries to disturb us. In this post we shared five most useful apps that helps to blacklist a number on android devices and help you to prevents all fake and unwanted calls.

These fake calls don’t have a fixed time they can come at any inappropriate time like when you are busy at work, or meeting and while you’re sleeping. Blocking such calls is the only best solution to avoid them and don’t let them disturb.

Well, for android users there are several call blocker apps available on Google Play Store that can be used to block calls or newer version of android have this feature built-in. But there are some limitations in built-in call blocker.

You can search of download any call blocker from play store. But as I said, there are number of call blockers available on play store to block unwanted call. Each have many features and limitations as well. We provide you the list of top 5 call blockers for android devices which are free and easy to use.

1. Mr. Number


Mr. Number is most powerful and top amongst all the call blockers on the market with almost 10M installs. Developed by “Hiya Communication” comes under top developers. Block calls as well as SMS texts coming from anywhere around the world. Just add “Suspected Span” to block list and it’ll get blocked automatically by Mr. Number.

[review_summary title=”Features” positives=”Block calls and SMS of a number, an area code or all across the world.
Stop sales calls
Hang up or send to voice mail calls from private/unknown numbers.
Report spam calls and SMS to warn others using Mr. Number App.
Caller looks up make it easy to block contact.”][rating title=”Google Play Store” value=”4.3″ range=”5″][/review_summary]

2. Call Blocker


Call Blocker provide free as well as some premium features as well. Support multiple languages like English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

[review_summary title=”Features” positives=”Multiple blocking modes
Prevent possible phone scams
Auto response for SMS
Cloud Backup for contacts
Blacklist/Whitelist phone numbers”] [rating title=”Google Play Store” value=”4.4″ range=”5″][/review_summary]

3. Call Control


Call Control include many features including call blocking, text blocking and reverse phone lookup.

[review_summary title=”Features” positives=”Stop Robocalls and Scams
Reverse Phone Lookup
Wild card blocking system
Do Not Disturb mode
Contact protection and backup.”][rating title=”Google Play Store” value=”4.3″ range=”5″][/review_summary]

4. TrueCaller


TrueCaller identifies unknown callers and blocks unwanted calls. See names and photos of people who call you, even if the contact is not saved in your phonebook.

[review_summary title=”Features” positives=”Identifies who’s calling
Block spam callers
See when your friends are free to talk
Copy number anywhere
Make calls directly from the app”] [rating title=”Google Play Store” value=”4.5″ range=”5″] [/review_summary]

5. Call Blocker by AndroidRock


The Call Blocker by AndroidRock one of another popular app on google play store. It rejects unwanted calls automatically and save a record of rejected calls in log. This app is light-weighted, stable and use very little RAM or CPU.

[review_summary title=”Features” positives=”Blacklist Number
Whitelist Number
Record logs of rejected calls
Different Block Modes”][rating title=”Google Play Store” value=”4.6″ range=”5″][/review_summary]

These were the best android Call Blocker Apps that blocks unwanted calls on most of Android Devices. There might be a possibility that some of the features of above apps will not work on latest android versions. But most of them works smoothly and fine.

Which app do you use? Put your comment below!

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